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1 Red Flash Lost ground - AC Line 1


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  • Pgnelsons

    I have a Grizzle classic with a 6-50 plug.  So two hot wires and a ground.   It has worked for 1 1/2 years.   Now it fails with 1 flash.   I measure 120 volts between each hot pin and the ground pin. I measure less than 1 ohm between the ground pin and the ground pin on another nearby regular 120 outlet.    I open up the outlet and verify the ground wire is mechanically tight. I open up the main electrical panel 10 feet away and verify that the ground wire is connected to the ground terminal along with all the other grounds and that it is a good connection mechanically.  I don't know about other parts of the world, but here the ground terminal and the neutral terminals are bonded to each other.  This circuit has not been touched since it was installed and verified correct by a government electrical inspector 1 1/2 years ago. I have no electrical problems with anything else in the house.

    I can't understand why this unit can't seem to see the ground and, if there is a problem with the outlet or wiring, why the charger has worked for a year and a half before noticing it.  After this troubleshooting., I thought there might be a problem with the charger itself, but I have been told multiple times by the Grizzle service person that the problem is at my end.  I also have had the 3 red flash error indicating a stuck relay.   Any ideas?




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